EU Wants Type-C Ports On All Devices, Motivation For Apple To Make Portless iPhone?

Apple has been long rumoured to remove all ports from the iPhone. Now, however, the company is more motivated than ever, as the European Commission earlier this week proposed making a common port on all smartphones and other devices mandatory. This move is set to hurt Apple the most, since the company still uses lightning ports for charging iPhones. Now, if the proposal is adopted by the European Commission, companies will have 24 months to comply. This will put Apple in a tough spot as the company has been bullish on the lightning port, despite USB type-C being the faster, more convenient port. Well, unlikely.

If the European Commission’s proposal does go through, Apple may just push for ending wired charging for iPhones once and for all. As pointed out by the folks at The Verge, the a European Commission spokesperson pointed out that “if a device charges only wirelessly, then there is no requirement to integrate a USB type-C port.” This, because the proposal from European Commission is aimed at reducing electronic waste and encourage smartphone users to reuse chargers. However, to those following closely, this looks like a loophole for Apple, since the Cupertino-based is already rumoured to be working on removing all ports from the iPhone.

Apple introduced MagSafe last year with the iPhone 12 series. MagSafe uses magnets to make wireless charging quicker and more efficient. This was back then said to be the company’s first step towards removing all ports from the iPhone. Now, 24 months, that too, after the proposal is passed seems enough time for Apple to come up with its next charging method.

On the other hand, wireless charging is also touching new heights, with manufacturers like Xiaomi and OnePlus introducing 80W and 50W wireless charging capabilities.

Given how Apple has a history of taking bold steps like removing the headphone jack from smartphones as early as in 2016, it won’t be a big surprise if the company actually goes ahead to remove all ports from iPhones in favour of MagSafe charging.

While only time will tell what happens in the future, it is safe to say that the iPhone is not getting a USB type-C port any time soon. Given the amount of speculation there is around Apple’s portless iPhone, the European Commission proposal only looks like a motivational factor for the company to speed things up in that area.